Retail Solutions


What does it mean to Count People?

In terms of people counting we are counting the enters / exits of people in a certain space, with a certain accuracy. We do this by assessing the location and selecting the most effective sensor device based on environmental factors to provide the most accurate count.

What Is Dwell Time?

Using the same devices that we use to count people, we can create an activity zone in the camera’s view. Individuals who spend over a set time in this zone are regarded as engaged visitors. This for example can, but is not limited to helping you understand how long a person is engaged with a certain product, static/digital display or queuing at a service point.



Video Analytics – Detecting the human face

Using Facial Detection software through the view of High-Def cameras we can accurately identify the age and gender of individuals and report this to our Business Intelligence tool to give our client information concerning who is in a location at a given time.

This information is not limited to entry points however and can also be placed at digital signage locations or in key areas of interest to understand who is engaging with displays/products on the shelf and for how long.

As an integrated solution or stand-alone tool, it can be used for real-time marketing information, detection, tracking and classification.

Intelligence Dashboard

Once BATL has collected the data the information is then displayed in a simplified dashboard for client viewing.

By adding other data sources to this dashboard it becomes a single point to view the data collected and collated to give the client a better understanding of all core business functions.

  • The dashboard gives an overview of the organisation’s performance based on different KPIs that are both identified and customised for each client.
  • For the retailer: Poor-performing and well-performing stores are easily pinpointed – even amongst thousands of stores in order to identify and replicate factors that determine the success of the better performing locations.
  • The dashboard will help and encourage you to continuously optimise processes for your business environment.