What we do

By combining best-in-class hardware with a comprehensive software suite, BATL helps its clients deliver the best possible customer experience by maximising efficiency across operations, customer service and marketing.

Data is collected by:

People count / Foot Traffic – An electronic count through entry points, gated locations and high traffic areas that may include measurement of dwell or que times within specific areas of interest

Age – Software used to assess the age of individuals through entry zones or in specific areas of interest within individual or multiple locations

Age / Gender  – By utilising intelligent software we are able to gather statistical information of the targeted audience group in specific areas of interest

This information is then displayed in a simplified dashboard which can be integrated with additional pre-existing data sources such as POS and staffing systems highlighting areas of potential improvement for your business.

Alerts are sent out when performance is not meeting benchmark expectations as well as further information detailing where the problem is coming from and how to improve it.

At BATL we understand that time is of the essence and want to provide you with insights at your fingertips that will help you transform your business

We partner with clients in Retail, Hospitality, FMCG, Enterprise and Government providing simplified solutions to help maximise efficiency across operations, customer service and marketing.


For further information concerning how these services could benefit your business please contact us for a private consultation.